Eli Aaron Hillel Denenberg Information Page

Hi.  Here's all the information to date about our newest little bundle of joy!


Born Monday August 27, 6:51 AM ET, 7 pounds 6.8 ounces.


Eli - for his great-grandmother Elfreda Tarler
Aaron - for his great-grandfather David Aaron Denenberg and his grandfather Arthur Rosner
Hillel - for his great-grandfather Harry Tarler

"The man behind the bar told us the things were called Green Swizzles; and, if ever I marry and have a son, Green Swizzle Wooster is the name that will go down on the register, in memory of the day his father's life was saved at Wembley."
—P. G. Wodehouse, Carry On, Jeeves


First pictures here.
More, including some from the bris.
Eli & Ayla, September '07
Fall 2007
January 2008
Spring 2008


The bris took place at our house, 31 Ripley Street in Newton Center, on Monday September 3, Labor Day.


We strongly, strongly request that you consider an alternative to sending a gift.  Strongly.  You might instead, say, make a charitable contribution.  Some of our favorite recipients (we don't yet know the baby's favorites) are:

Alternatively, give a gift to yourself!  We really like this alternative to many gifting situations.  Here's how it works:  With the money you were going to spend, get something for yourself—something delightful that you couldn't otherwise justify buying.  Then write us a thank-you note and tell us how much you enjoyed your new gift.  See how nicely everything works out?